Futuristic B1, unlocking the Financial Innovation

A major wave of transformation driven by technological innovations in the financial services Industry is about to change the financial systems and business practices across the globe.


trading is at the verge of revolutionizing the business and financial world in a similar fashion, much like the way SWIFT changed the norms of business operations in the 1970s or the way dematerialization of stocks and bonds changed the trading norms of stocks and bonds trading in the 1980s. Thereby giving birth to the concept of Centralized Counter Party or electronic clearing houses.

What will the world of financial services look like in 10 or 20 years?

Now imagine a high net investor and an ordinary man on the street taking financial advice from an artificially intelligent app and then investing across various asset classes, currencies and geographies on a real-time basis while building up their portfolio?

Keeping in mind this futuristic approach, BONSTON-ONE’S philosophy entails that however, the human factor could be cut to size, it can never be eliminated.

At BOSTON ONE, we believe that Artificial Intelligence, will not be replacing people but will be complementing them to perform greater value-addition, enhancing quality thinking that could never ever be overtaken by ROBOS and AI apps.

By envisioning to be a leader and pioneer of this foray, BOSTON ONE has a dedicated research team to look at CRM, ERP and other industry-specific work-flows and develop the next generation solutions which are based on AI and expert-systems.



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