Data Science

Data Science

Our expert data scientists design the predictive processes and algorithms to extract and manipulate information as per your specified requirements. Customer buying patterns, product selling trends, seasonal marketing impact, event based item trades and area defined cultural product promotions, these all need expert data scientists which define the process of acquiring relevant information to get results from the composed chronological data.

Recommendation System Engine services

Using our recommendation engine, a handful of personalized add-on items are presented to the customer at the checkout.

Dashboards Services

Business dashboards in Tableau or Power BI include executive, sales, marketing, web, social media, supply chain and dev-ops sections that surface the most relevant information to the user in a way that is clear, engaging and directly actionable.

Market Basket

Market basket analyses reveal hidden links between your products that you never knew existed. Implementing a bespoke market basket analysis on your transactional data to understand exactly what your customers want and how best to arrange products into packages ensuring that every customer finds something that suits their needs

Churn Prediction

Churn Prediction finds the key variables that indicate a customer is about to stop using your product or service and use these to generate a personalized risk score.

Web Analytics

Not sure how to use Google Analytics to your advantage? We work with your product and marketing teams to define and build the web KPIs and key metrics that will guide the development of your site to generate additional value for your business.

Data Warehousing

Our expertise in data warehousing, from traditional SQL systems, NoSQL / hybrid systems such as Big Query and graph databases such as Neo4j helps you design and build your data warehousing. We can help you remove bottlenecks caused by inadequate data architecture from your data science workflow, allowing you to spend more time on analysis and improving models.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection Model Output is an alert than triggers every time there is a spiked anomaly or a pattern in the data that is a typical.

  • A model that predicts whether a given time point represents an anomaly, outputting a predicted likelihood.
  • Classification of anomalies by type, (e.g. system failure, demand spike, abnormal seasonal behavior.
  • Implementation of the model into your existing tracking, or creation of a suite of visualizations that enable you to monitor the live system.



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