Yatta – HRMS

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Consolidates a variety of human resource duties such as recruitment and hiring, reviews, payroll processing, attendance and holiday management into one package, automating the efficient management of workforce data while supporting all standard HR activities within the workplace to transform time consuming and repetitive tasks usually associated with human resource management.


Managing Human Resources

  • Define Employees Profile details
  • Define Employees billing prices and costs
  • Define Employee categories to assign rights to different employee groups
  • Define contract type with start and end dates for contracts as well as trial periods.
  • Manage attendance (Sign In / Sign Out) (Can be Biometric / RFID)

Holiday Management

  • Define different leaves
  • Manage Holiday requests and approvals
  • Track previous Holiday requests
  • Allow Employees to enter their own allocation requests

HR Payroll

  • Salary Rule Categories
  • Salary Structures
  • Contracts
  • Employee Pay slips
  • Contribution Registers

Attendances and Timesheet Management

  • Manage attendance through Sign in / Sign out.
  • Keep track of differences between timesheets and attendance.
Strives to enhance your organization’s productivity by optimizing HR business processes, thus maximizing Human Capital Investments enabling strategic decision making and providing an array of solutions across the entire employee life cycle.



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