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Trading Room offers a truly holistic suite of product solution from portfolio management to front and back office management, coupled with sophisticated financial information.


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Security & Privacy of Financial Information & Data

For financial firms, data is the currency of business, with Trading Room’s robust, end-to-end data encryption strategy, all your transactions and financial data is secure at all of points of communication, eliminating any chances of data leakage.

One platform, with complete Product Line Solutions

Trading Room offers a truly holistic suite of product solution from portfolio management to front and back office management, coupled with sophisticated financial information.
Coverage to meet all your investment management needs, in a single platform. As a result companies can create more efficient workflows, connect to multiple asset classes, drive Regulatory compliance and management portfolios more effectively.

Interactive & User-friendly Interface

With a modern, interactive user interface, you get maximum control and freedom to configure and analyze data using multiple options and filters, available at your fingerprint – create customizable charts, view ratios, and use our sensitivity analysis tool to identify patterns.

Flexible Architecture for Quick System Enhancements

As regulatory requirements continue to change, Trading Room’s modern, open and closed architecture design makes it easier to adapt to new requirements in the shortest possible time. Integrate the system and application already in use within your company with Trading Room to create efficient, unified workflows across the organization.

Risk Management & Compliance

aIncrease your portfolio efficiency and help mitigate liabilities with Trading Room Technology that efficiently integrates regulatory compliance across your investment portfolio allowing you to minimize risk and comply with complex regulatory Requirements. This is made possible through exceptional control to manage limits
At multiple levels with system-generated alerts and notifications.

Transparency of Information

With established data management processes with inbuilt audit and controls, Trading Room offers well-organized representation of information at levels so you can efficiently manage and track all transaction-related information to ensure maximum transparency and easy record-keeping.



Dynamic Charting Tools

Trading Room uses cutting edge technology to deliver best-in-class charting capabilities giving users access to a wide range of live charts and displaying information in the most sophisticated manner.

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Real Time News Coverage

Get real-time access to the news that matters – Trading Room is your single source of information for all financial, economic and business news research coverage that affects market performance and drives results.

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Extensive Data Coverage

Get a comprehensive overview on listed company encompassing dividend, earning, shareholder, and fundamental data all on one screen.

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Sensitivity Analysis

Trading Room’s Sensitivity Analysis tool empowers fund managers to successfully implement optional investment portfolio strategies by allowing them to accurately forecast market sensitivity across
Different stocks to market and different sectors to market.

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Index Simulator

Simulate future market trends with Trading Room’s Index Simulator – use dependable variable to gauge the potential future performance and trends of multiple market indices and be prepared for market movements that can impact your investment portfolio.

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Extensive Reports

You need quick access to reports to more effectively coordinate and execute day to day business processes. With Trading Room you get access to automated reporting – from all regulatory and bespoke reports to monitor the status of all re-portable trades and evaluating trade efficiency.

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You can select from a standard support model or a specialized, premium Support package depending on your requirements.

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