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Trading Room

At Boston-one Technologies, our mission is to become the leading provider of top-notch financial software and services.




At Boston-one Technologies, our mission is to become the leading provider of top-notch financial software and services for financial markets serving the unmet needs of the entire financial industry in Pakistan.

Our strength lies in the many years of experience and understanding our team holds in financial markets and in the domain of Information Technology. With the commitment to enhance the trading Platform, we plan to supersede the existing vendor based software applications for equity markets with an innovative suite of trading and financial business solutions that allow you to do more in less time.


I, myself bring over 21 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, with a 16 year track- record of producing and designing end –to-end applications for Equity, Forex , Banking and Financial industries.

You can select from a standard support model or a specialized, premium Support package depending on your requirements.


With information on every asset class, from equities, foreign exchange to commodities – integrated in one single platform and delivered in real time, Trading Room is the investment managers dream come true. Built on a robust technology platform, Trading Room offers you access to a host of execution platforms, interactive charts, global news coverage & analytics so you can easily put knowledge into action while lowering your total cost of ownership.


Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management System brings speed, accuracy, and simplicity to your portfolio Management functions. With the coverage of multiple asset classes; equities, forex and commodities, integrated in one single platform, built-in risk and compliance management, Mark to ,Market calculation of portfolio values, financial and transaction expense tracking and audit, this is the most advances Portfolio Management System available in the market.

Financial Portal

The hub of financial information for equity markets, Financial Portfolio offers quality Information and pertinent insights. With fast access to all the latest news and expert analysis, the Financial Portal helps you quickly gauge the driving force behind market moves and potential risk exposure.

Back Office Management

Robust, modern application architecture with better process flows and smooth integration With order management system, our Back Offers quick easy access to multiple financial reports; brokerage financial information processing in the accordance with all regulatory bodies and client financial transaction tracking with respect to UIN IDs.

Order Management System

From Front-end inventory, trading and middle and back office operations, our Order Management System, enhance trade workflows, management risk and compliance, provides real time market feed, multiple criteria based trade limits, order status message and improves overall operational efficiency.

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